Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Living Room Inspiration

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My living room is small and opens into the dining room and the kitchen [open-concept]. So really, it doesn't take much to fill the space. That doesn't mean that it can't be improved. In keeping with my goals for 2012 (re-organizing and re-decorating rooms in the house)....the living room is the next one to be tackled.

Here's my inspiration {from Pinterest of course}.
1. I love how the floor lamp is large enough yet it doesn't take too much space.
2. Having a garden stool inside brings the outdoors in.
3. Love the couch. It has a low profile, tufted and has a classic and neutral look and appeal.
4. This lamp can also add texture to the space.
5. Woven basket for storage adds functionality.
6. This layout is similar to my living room with colors that I gravitate towards.

Sp speaking of inspiration and color....have you heard of My Colortopia? You take a quiz to reveal what colors suit you. Based on my *personality* --- here's my colors:
You can also upload a photo inspiration and it will give you complimentary colors that would work well in your space.

I know ~ it's kinda Blah when you like at those colors - just like me - Haha!

Do you have a project coming up? Do tell.... or just Spring Cleaning?

Day 20 #marchphotoaday  *Before/After*

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