Friday, March 30, 2012

Living Room Redo

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I can add one more check to my projects this year....Yes room re-design is done

After having to re-arrange lots of art and furniture to other areas of the house, my living room was looking pretty bare. I have to admit that I spent more $$$ than I wanted to but it was NOT all in one shopping spree. I've had a plan and inspiration for how I wanted the living room to look like. I wanted it to have a great flow to the dining room and kitchen and have an open feel to it. I don't like cluttered spaces and I wanted it to feel homey, comfortable and casual.


Living Room Breakdown:
  • Art - $68.89
  • Accessories - $48.88
  • Storage - $36.96
  • Spray paint - $3.90
  • Rattan trunk - $54.34
  • Pillows - $36.94
  • Garden stool - $54.34
  • Floor Lamp - $152.16
  • Stencil - $8.67
TOTAL COST: $465.08

What d'ya think?

Now here's hoping I win the lotto!

Day 29 #marchphotoaday  *Feet*

Next is dining room? or maybe kitchen?
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