Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get Your Business Done

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That's what I had in mind after watching "The Middle" last night.

Hump day was REST day for me. I finished my 8 mile run early yesterday morning and I could tell that I really need to work on endurance. I was running out of *steam* by about 7.5 mi but I just powered through it. I could tell that my lungs were starting to complain as well --- EIA acting up again and then the knees started to throb. So I had to do a few walk/run intervals towards the finish.

After a quick shower, I made a protein smoothie using Click {mocha flavor} which I just added to iced coffee and threw in half a banana for carbs.

I iced my knees and applied some joint pain goop cream on it (Mobisyl) and rested pretty much the rest of the day.

So I did the next best thing that a cripple like me could do, since I was bedridden all afternoon --- I watched DD's doubleheader online...unfortunately, they lost both games to conference leader, Valparaiso.

Then I worked on chorey routine for Core/Abs class.

Dinner was FREE last night , courtesy of Domino's - woot-woot! They're giving out free Artisan pizzas to the first 20,000 via Facebook. You just gotta "Like" 'em and check in around noon PST to get your free pizza (last day today!)

Other recent eats:
Grilled Chicken Ranch Salad
 Shrimp salad

Oh, and our water fountain got turned on yesterday....I know --- NBD but I like how it reminds me that warmer weather is finally here on it's way.

I have a haircut/color appointment today. My coif is getting nasty.....haven't had anything done for 5 months. That's what happens when your everyday look comprises of sweats and a ponytail.

How often do you get your hair done?

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  1. Your water foundtain is so pretty! My running tolerance has gotten pretty low lately too and I'm going to try and slowly work my way back up :)



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