Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hope Run 5K

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So last Sunday, we woke up quite early to get ready for our 5K run. Smalls wanted us to snuggle but we had other priorities that day [besides being a lazy bum].

We got to the venue at around 8:00. The race wasn't until 9 am but me and the other Zumba girls were tasked to do the *warm up* prior to the race. 
It was a rainy morning and it was the inaugural race for Team Michael Moyles HOPE RUN 5K benefiting Livestrong. I'd say there was about 100 participants that morning.

Hubby and I didn't take any pictures during the race, so here's the best I could find from the race website.
It was a great 5K! Very organized and the course was not bad at all....just one hill. It was the first time I ran on the road again --- since I've been doing most of my runs on the TM {I'm a sissy and I don't like being "cold"}. My knees started to throb at the end but it wasn't too bad. My Garmin said I finished 3.17 miles in 28:58 {sigh}.

We went home afterwards and tackled our weekend chores.

Dinner that night was Fish Tacos
I had mine "naked".
I also made a Banana Bread using THIS recipe from Cooking Light, except I added flax seed and swirled Nutella in it.
Dinner tonight was courtesy of Panda Express. I had a coupon for a FREE Shanghai Angus Steak menu item which I then had with some leftover rice at home, while hubby went out to happy hour with a friend of his.
 I have to say that it was actually good --- made better 'cuz it was libre!

Tackling 6 miles today..... then a "rest" day for me.

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