Monday, April 30, 2012

Senior Day Recap

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We're back from O-H-I-O ☺!

We flew in to Dayton last Thursday and met up with DD who was finishing softball practice that night. After a quick introduction to Benny and Nate (her BF)....

......we all went to Pasha Grill for dinner. As usual --- the food was oh so good.

Then we set up camp in DD's living room for the next 3 nights.

Friday was spent going to Costco (which was about 45 minutes away from Dayton), to shop for some food that DD desperately needed to fill her fridge and freezer. Surprisingly, I think it's the first Costco that we've been to that WAS NOT busy at all --- dare I even say, it was *dead* for being a Friday afternoon.

We had lasagna for dinner (from Costco) paired with sourdough bread (also from Costco).

Saturday was rainy and windy. DD had a double header that day which was rain-delayed. Nevertheless, we got the 2 games in ---- as we nearly froze to death sitting in the bleachers. We didn't finish until almost 8:30 that night so hubby went to pick up Chipotle for dinner ---yummy!!!

And Sunday was SENIOR DAY. It's a day to celebrate the softball career of the girls who have played [more than likely] for many years, and in DD's case ---- for at least the last 10 years.
 We had to walk in from left field and was congratulated by the Athletic staff and all the coaches.
 The team had 4 seniors this year.

And DD played so well against Green Bay up until about the 4th inning when she was called out at home plate as the "bulldozer" of a catcher *blocked* the plate and knocked DD to the ground. My heart about stopped when that happened because it took a while for DD to catch her breath and get up. She's pretty tough and has gone through many injuries {and sports-related surgeries} in the past but this one was pretty offensive. Long story short, she had to come out of the game because she started getting dizzy, nauseated and kinda *out-of-it*. We had to take her to the ER to get evaluated and as it turns out, she suffered a mild concussion.
After a CT scan, she was cleared to come home and I was just happy to have her back healthy. She will most likely miss the last week of the softball season, but she's had the BEST softball career anyone could ever hope for, including going 2 for 2 her last game.
  • Freshman: Horizon League All-Newcomer 
  • Sophomore: First Team All-Horizon League (led the league in hits and finished 2nd in batting average)
  • Junior: Second Team All-Horizon League

CONGRATULATIONS DD!!! We are sooooo very proud of you! 

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