Monday, April 23, 2012

Silk Marvelous Mornings House Party

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About a month ago, I had applied and was chosen to host a *house party* sponsored by Silk Milk to introduce their new product Fruit and Protein smoothie. I was excited to host of course, because I already love Silk milk and use it everyday for my latte. I was curious about their smoothie and wanted to try it myself especially after my long runs.

A few weeks later, my party pack came in the mail.
It had all sorts of goodies from Silk including coupons for guests to try their products.
Yesterday was the day for my brunch and I had my menu and decor planned ahead of time.
 Fruit platter
Blueberry muffins (using THIS recipe)
 Breakfast casserole (using THIS recipe)
Zucchini Frittata (using THIS recipe)
 Apple Coffee Cake (using THIS recipe)
Cranberry Bliss bars (from Starbucks)
...and of course...Silk soy products.

Looking at the nutritional label...the calories are not bad at all. Considering that when I make my smoothie from scratch, I usually use 1 cup of yogurt (about 70 calories), protein powder (about 60 calories), fruit (banana/strawberries -about 100 calories) and a negligible amount of calories from a splash of OJ and soy milk = about 250-300 calories total.

So 150 calories for 1 cup with carbs and sugar mostly from fruit and 5 grams of protein in 1cup is not bad at all. Great for after-workouts and an easy source of protein for muscle recovery.

Everyone had a great time and all had favorable feedback about Silk.
Thank you Silk! for (half) sponsoring my house party!!!

What were you up to this weekend????

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