Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bloomsday Trade Show

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Tomorrow is Bloomsday
The Lilac Bloomsday Run is always held on the first Sunday of May. It's 12 km (7.46 miles) and is one of the largest and most prestigious road races in the world. There were over 50,000 finishers last year.
So yesterday we headed downtown to pick up our race packets and check out the trade show/expo. It's not very big compared to other trade shows but then again it's Spokaloo so it was good enough.

This one caught my eye. The new Polar RCX5 Tour de France GPS/training watch. I can't believe how much this gadget can do.....I also can't believe how much it costs .... $450 (normally $470)

Here's Nordstrom Rack's booth
Have you heard of Incrediwear???
According to the manufacturer:

"....... significantly enhance comfort and mobility, outcomes that occur due to increased blood flow, regulation of temperature, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area. They are also antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking for supreme long wearing comfort. This makes for the perfect travel companion since even with repetitive wearing, they won't need laundering. ..... ideal choice for travelers, sports enthusiasts, or those just seeking the best comfort available."

When the *owner/inventor* found out that hubby and were both health care professionals...he gave us a few samples to try for ourselves or for clients/patients . Check out the website for more INFO.

I will surely try these socks and see if my feet recover faster. I've got CEP compression socks, too so at least I can make a comparison. I also got a knee brace (Incredibrace) which hopefully will help as well.

Speaking of knees, I got both knees taped for free. I figure---it's not going to hurt me so I will try to run with them and see. 

Have you ever tried Kinesio taping before?

Here's a quick video [I guess you have to be "certified" to do this...or at least if you're going to apply it to someone else other than yourself].

Good luck to all the Bloomies tomorrow. I'll have a recap next week.

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