Friday, May 4, 2012

My achy breaky knees

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I have been taking it easy {as far as running goes} since we got back from our trip. My knees have really been bothering me since...... I blame it mostly on sitting with my knees bent for hours on end ----in the plane and watching softball for 2 to 3 hours at a time. Remember my knee diagnosis??? So basically think of an elastic band that goes over the knee cap. When you're sitting for prolonged periods of time, that elastic band stretches as your knees are bent pressing on it and causing the pain. It helps to flex and extend every 10 minutes or so or stand up and walk around.

I'm glad this was a "tapering" week for me anyway. So I did everything I could to ease the, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, ice and just generally taking it easy. I have *skipped* Body PUMP all week. Nevertheless, I'm still committed to running Bloomsday this weekend. If not for the on and off knee pain, I'm even willing to run another half-marathon soon. What?!? Let's wait until we see how this weekend goes.

I'm excited, scared and frustrated all at the same time. Excited to get out there and run again. Scared of how my knees would fair. Frustrated that I can't go all out and race.

I's not worth it to injure myself even more just so I can prove something---'cuz I don't need to prove anything at this point except for the fact that I can run just for the fun of it.

Dinner the other night...Penne Pasta with Meat sauce

Can you say *carbo-load* ---haha!!

We're going to the Bloomsday trade show this afternoon then maybe a pre- Cinco de Mayo celebration---- a Quatro de Mayo!!!

Have a great weekend !

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