Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going to the chapel

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..... and we're gonna get married   {No, not us}

I've got a trip to get ready for. One of my best college friends is finally getting married! So I am heading to Phoenix Arizona for the weekend.

So today's plans included:

1. A Workout 
     If I don't do it in the morning, I know it won't get done. So after leisurely finishing my latte this morning, I started on the TM around 8:15 am. I wanted to do 5 miles but ended up doing 8 --- BOOM!

I made a quick smoothie afterwards and took my stinky bootie in the shower.

2. Next was a stop at the Bank

3. Then to Target where I got nail polish, a loofah for hubby, and a travel-size hairspray....

4. Next was TJ Maxx where I got a pair of Aviators for $9.99 and a case for $6.99

5. Blog -----

6. Painted my nails

7. Cooked dinner

8. And now...pack for a 3-day trip including wedding attire

....I need a nap.

I don't leave until tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have time to do a quick Body PUMP sesh before I leave. I'm meeting my girlfriend at the Phoenix airport and we're scheduled to go to a Zumba class tomorrow night. Can't wait to see how Phoenix does their Zumba....

What were you up to today?

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