Monday, May 21, 2012

Here and there go I

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Hi there! How was your weekend?

It was a glorious weekend here...the sun was out and the temperature was in the mid-60's. Perfect can't-wait-for-summer weather.
(Nothing but blue skies)

Hubby did a *2-a-day* bike ride on Saturday and we met up at the house after I taught Body STEP at the gym. In between his ride, we went to Costco (for gas), then had lunch at Atilano's. Then we went to REI to check out their sale.

Hubby bought a new pair of bike shorts and riding shirt while I got a pair of Teva walking shoes for $52.

Then we came home, spent some time with Smallsie, took a quick nap and I went to a friend's house for an ice cream/girl's night out party (courtesy of Blue Bunny).

Sunday was spent doing chores including making my *lists* for the week. We also managed to clean out the garage, do a little weeding and yard work. I taught Body Attack in the afternoon.
 [Tried to move a couple of bird's nest being built .....]

Speaking of lists, here's what the workout schedule for the week looks like:

  • Sunday - Body Attack
  • Monday - Core/Abs/Zumba
  • Tuesday - Body Pump/Body Attack
  • Wednesday - Run 5 mi/Zumba
  • Thursday - Run 3 mi/Body Pump/Zumba  going on a trip
  • Friday - Run (5 mi)
  • Saturday - Rest

Do you have your week planned out already?

I always try to get my meal, workout and activities planned out by Sunday night.

Have a great Monday!

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