Monday, May 7, 2012


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So last Friday, we picked up our packets from the Bloomsday trade show and then walked over to a new'ish hangout downtown called Saranac.
The place wasn't that busy yet but it started to pick up since it was happy hour and lots of people coming from the trades show.

We got seated at the bar and ordered our drinks ---- a mojito for me and a Denver ale for hubby.

Service was quick and friendly.
Then we ordered appetizers:
Chips with Fire Roasted Salsa
The salsa was good, the chips could have been *warmed*.
Chicken Quesadilla
Very, very good! It came with a side of the fire roasted salsa as well ---yummy!
Margherita Pizza
It was ok. I liked that it was on flatbread.

Overall, the ambiance was cool and hip. Flat screen TVs for sports enthusiasts. I noticed more of the *yuppie* crowd that night. Service was good and the food was good.

I give it a 3½ winky face.

Any new *happy-hour hangouts* where you're at???

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