Monday, June 4, 2012

Fleeting Weekend

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Hi there! Boy, that was a quick weekend wasn't it? Just like everyone, I love using the weekend to just do NOTHING -- have a mental break for a change and just re-organize myself. There's a few things that always help me unwind.....our weekend looked like this ☟

Happy Hour on Friday
Gym time, of course.

Saw a Movie {Snow White and the Huntsman}
And spent time with this little guy...

The summer schedule is now out at one of the gyms I work at. I did my last Core/Abs class and my last Body STEP class at that gym this weekend. That'll make my *practice* schedule a little lighter since they're replacing STEP with Zumba. That should help me with my Running streak, too.

I also made THESE over the weekend

Other Recent Eats:

Competitor's Curry Chicken

Workout for the week:

Sunday - 1 mile + New release! Body PUMP
Monday  - 1 mile + Core/Abs + Zumba
Tuesday - 1 mile + Body PUMP + Body Attack
Wednesday - 5 miles --- 7 miles
Thursday - 3 miles 4 miles ☜ Travel day
Friday - 1 mile 3.5 miles
Saturday - 1 mile 1.5 mile

How do you make the best of your fleeting weekend?

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