Monday, June 18, 2012

Mediocre Movies and Father's Day

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Hello there! How was everyone's weekend? Did you all celebrate Dad's day?

We had a fairly quiet weekend ourselves. In fact, it was a movie fest for hubby and I. Starting last Friday when we saw Prometheus - mediocre movie #1

After the movie, we went to Happy Hour at Flamin' Joe's. It was hubby's turn to pick so hot wings it was...
We went for Code 4 and Code 5. We both like spicy *hot* wings so we quickly realized that Code 5 is probably our *baseline* and next time -- we should work our way up from there.
4 winky faces

Saturday Zumba started over the weekend. It was a lot of FUN but lots of people from the gym went to do the Dirty Dash that morning as well. Hubby went on an early bike ride and we met up at home afterwards with plans to go *Bed* shopping --- actually, more like bed frame shopping. We're looking for a platform bed mainly for Smalls. Are we crazy? Smalls is getting older and he's most likely got arthritis already from jumping up and down furniture --- one of which is our sleigh bed. So we're trying to look for one that sits low on the ground. We saw this one at Dania [reminds me of Austin Powers].

Then after picking up some *junk* from Walmart, we rented 2 Redbox movies: 
Ghost Protocol - mediocre movie #2
...and The Grey - mediocre movie #3
 So sadly, we filled up on junk food for no reason ----*sigh* ---

Yesterday's Father's Day started out like this...
Protein pancakes for hubby before his morning ride.
Stylin' the new cycling shirt
 Then I made some Banana Snacking Cake for my FIL that we delivered in the afternoon.

After finishing 6 miles on the TM, I started the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed the house. Hubby and I went to lunch at Sushi Maru downtown for his Father's Day meal. Love the track sushi.

When we came home, this was delivered to us...

DD was so sweet to send over some chocolate covered strawberries {on steroids}!
 They were huuugge!!

We ended the day watching Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Great weekend spent with my man!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, too!!!

Enjoy the start to your week!

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