Friday, June 29, 2012

Reducing the Bounce

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Good morning and happy Friday!

It's going to be a crazy weekend here in Spokaloo because of Hoopfest - the  biggest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the planet which kicks off tomorrow!

Lots of events happening downtown and the weather is supposed to be gorgoeus!

For my birthday, I really needed new sports bras especially for running. I hate the uniboob and overtime, things have changed with my girls [either because of gravity/age but also because of weight re-distribution].  Check out my other post on sports bras.

So I treated myself to Title Nine's bra sale. 
Normally, I get my sports bras from Target {C9 brand} or TJ Maxx {Nike}.
Post 10 mile run 

I've always wanted to try the Moving Comfort brand since I've heard many good things about them. The gal at the store was very helpful with picking the right ones for my my needs as well. She had me try a few underwire sports bras which I've never had before. Verdict: not a fan of the underwire!

I ended up with these 3. Two of them were sale prices --- Score!
I also ordered the Bra Na Na bra top  from which should be here by next week.

I've been teaching Zumba all week long and today is a rest day for me. Running easy 4 miles today and hubby is taking me out for my birthday dinner/happy hour tonight. 

Working on a new Core routine for next week. Then we've got a barbecue cookout scheduled for Sunday ---- can't believe it's gonna be July!         Crazy!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

P.S. Yesterday, I heard the BEST NEWS ever!

Check it out:

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