Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A break from the Olympics

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I saw the picture above online and thought it was funny...

Zumba classes have been so much better since last week. Surprised to even see a few guys taking my class. I had to sub for one of the gals this morning which was NBD, except that I just came back from the dentist after having a *filling* re-done. So half of my face was still numb during class --- it was a good thing I didn't drool during that hour. 

During a break from the Olympics.... hubby and I went to get frozen yogurt at Froyo Earth. We like to "sample-and-go" but this time, we actually got a little of the chocolate froyo to go. One flavor I discovered [while sampling] was *Reese's Peanut Butter* ---- Mmmmm.

We also went to see the new Batman movie. We are big fans of Christopher Nolan (the director) and a lot of his other movies have become our favorites -- like Inception.
If you haven't seen Batman --- I highly recommend it. Two thumbs up!!

Dinner was Japanese Beef Stew.

I'm off to start tonight's dinner before teaching Body Attack!

...can't wait for women's gymnastics tonight!

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