Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There's no I in TEAM

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Hi there! 
Did you watch the Olympics last night?? O.M.G. The drama during women's gymnastics and the triumphs in the pool -- whew! I was teary-eyed watching the fab five win the gold in women's gymnastics [not since 1996].

U.S. female athletes outnumber the males this time around. Go USA!

In other 30 day clean eating challenge has definitely been that --- a challenge! I'm on Day 17 now and it's been good except I miss and crave the usual suspects --- chocolate and salt. I've had a couple of days where I admit, I kinda fell off the wagon and had some Sun Chips (Garden Salsa flavor - yum!). I blame it all the TV Olympic gawking I've been doing.

Here's some recent eats:

Huckleberry Froyo for dessert

I'm subbing this morning at the gym and then an easy 2 mile run after.

Have a happy hump day and a great start to August!

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