Monday, July 30, 2012

Rings of a different kind

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Good Monday morning ☀! The dog days of summer has been getting to me. I need to get back into regular blogging. 

Have you been glued to the tube like I have???

I can't seem to get enough of the Olympics! I love watching all the athletes --- ok, who am I kidding --- I pretend that I'm one of the athletes.....maybe if there was a Zumba event..haha.
Plus, this guy's very easy on the eyes.

Yesterday, hubby and I went to a friend's wedding. The weather was gorge but got a little too hot for an outdoor wedding.

Thank goodness the ceremony was short. Then the reception was held at Jack and Dan's Bar and Grill. The couple had a cupcake tower in lieu of a wedding cake. It was cute!!!
 Plate of appetizers that hubby and I shared: quesadilla, wings, fries. I had a wedge of the quesadilla.

When we got home, I baked the Ziti that I had started on earlier in the day. I used THIS recipe, except that I used Italian sausage instead of a vegetarian marinara sauce. die for!

Then back in front of the TV to watch the Olympics that we DVR'd for the rest of the night.

Don't forget to plan your meal and workout for the week!

Workout for the week:

Sunday - 6 miles run
Monday - Core/Abs/Zumba
Tuesday - Body Attack
Wednesday - Cardio XT/2 mile run
Thursday - Body Pump/Core/Zumba
Friday - Run 4 miles
Saturday - Zumba

Are you obsessed with the Olympics like I am? 
Can't wait for the gymnastics and then track and field.

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