Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Confessions of a group fitness instructor

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Group fitness instructors feed off of people's energy in class. The more participants -- the better. The more hootin' and hollerin' --- the better!

Imagine my sadness disappointment when I only had 1 person workout with me in group class yesterday {Zumba and Core/Abs}. I don't blame people wanting to be outside during the summer months. But I've also given up trying to guess whether class is going to be big one night or not. It could be 98 degrees outside and the gym can be packed and another 98 degree day and the gym is a ghost town.

I could have cancelled class but I know how it feels when you show up to take a class and then find out that it's cancelled -- so I soldiered on and made myself pretend that it was a jam-packed class and gave my 1 person the same energy I would as if it was a full class.

My point: GF instructors get lonely so be nice and spend an hour (at least) with them .

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