Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday updates

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Happy Friday!
I've been *bad* with blogging. Have been working at the gym while at the same time, trying to get enough recovery from last Sunday's HM.
1. I did a 5 mile recovery run on Wednesday on the TM which I  think, really helped my quads and my knees. Then I had a scheduled a massage in the afternoon which was *really, really, really nice.... ......really*.

2. Next race scheduled is Scenic Sandpoint HM in September.

3. I've also gotten back to *Clean eating* as well. When I'm training/running, my body needs more calories to expend for energy but somehow, I've strayed and have been eating more *crap calories* rather than healthy choices...and I can usually feel it, too. I kinda get sluggish, tired and weak which is NOT what you want when you're training. So I'm doing a self-imposed 30 day clean eating challenge!

4. Yesterday, I had a regular dentist appointment and learned that I have to go back again in 2 weeks for replacement of a filling. Otherwise, everything is honky-dory. I'm thinking about teeth whitening too and my dentist is offering a significant deal in October.....of course, I'm on the "call list".

5. Last night's Zumba was FUN! Lots of people eventhough the temperature was HOT and HUMID. As an instructor, you feed off of everyone's energy so it always helps when there's more participants.

6. Finally, I'm sure by now you've heard about the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. It is such a tragedy when a person feels that they have to take their frustration, anger or rage onto other innocent people. What's worse is when they do it for NO apparent reason. It also reminds us of how precious and sometimes fleeting, life can be. One minute you're enjoying a movie, and you're running for your life the next. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the individuals who have been affected by this.

Finally, take care and love each other! Have a great weekend!

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