Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fresh Fall

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Last Saturday, hubby and I went to Greenbluff to check out the pumpkins and do some apple-picking.

Fall has definitely arrived in these neck o' the woods.
Then we went to check out Harvest House where the line for pumpkin donuts was so long. Boy, they smelled good, though.
 We ended up at Cole's Orchard for organic produce.
 Here's our loot. Apples for pies and apple crisps!

They harvest different apples at different times of the month so we might need to go back one more time to make sure we have enough to last us until the end of the year {at least}.

Do you go pick apples and pumpkins in the fall?

'can't wait for fall *goodies*, flannel sheets, comfort food....mmmmm.

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