Monday, October 15, 2012

Spokane Marathon Relay 2012

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Good morning friends☺! 

It was a wet, cold and dreary weekend here in the PNW but the bright spot was running the Spokane Marathon Relay with my friends!

Got up quite early on Sunday morning and had my pre-race breakfast of English muffin, peanut butter and this time, my almond milk latte --- yes, coffee before a race [that's a first for me]. I figured, since my leg of the race wasn't going to be until 9am, I should be ok. Plus, my portion of the race was only 6.8 miles [and not a HM].
3 Chicks and a Hot Guy [our team name]
We sported our running skirts {courtesy of my Mom, who was so nice to sew them for me}.
We saw a few of our other friends from the gym who was in a different group for the Relay as well.
 Start line: The marathoners and relay runners started at 8 am. It's a fairly small race. Temp was in the 50's with on and off drizzle.

Our first runner: D is a *speed demon*!!! 1st leg was 7.2 miles.

 Then my turn. My leg was 6.8 miles. I counted about 6 hills, 2 of them were long inclines while the rest were short, steep hills. My portion was also very scenic, going through Riverside State Park.
Tagging our 3rd runner 
The 3rd leg was 6.4 miles. S is an awesome runner!
Tagging our 4th runner
4th leg was 5.8 miles. R had the worst hill to run: Doomsday hill! 

Our team actually placed 2nd!!!

Three Chicks and a Hot Guy


It was such a FUN time running with friends! It was our first Relay and I'm sure it won't be the last. (No medals, just shirts for relay runners.) 

Great finish to the running season!

How did you spend your weekend???

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