Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tightwad Tuesday

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This is the scene outside my bedroom window -- snow falling [non-stop].

I haven't done Tightwad Tuesday in a while....not because I haven't found any good deals out there but I just haven't had time to take pictures and blog about it.

Work clothes consists of "scrubs" most of the time but we also get to dress up nicely a day or two and also have casual Fridays.

I found these flats at Tar-gey on clearance.
 I think they would look really cute with jeans!

And also these sweaters were on sale for $15 each. Honestly, I hardly have any sweaters anymore. I purged my closet and got rid of a lot of "dated" items.

I'm on the lookout for a fitted winter jacket, too.
patagonia Down Jacket  -- HERE

That's on my wish list for now! 

Any fall/winter deals you've found????

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