Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico

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It's hard to believe that I was in 80 degree weather a week ago. 

And now we're experiencing storm after storm here in the PNW. Snow is in the forecast before the week is over. Yikes!

Well I thought I'd share some of the daily *goings-on* in Todos Santos while we were there.
This is the building where DD's office is located. 

Our first day in Mexico, they were celebrating Revolution Day --- it was sort of a "holiday" for them. A lot of the children from the different schools put on a parade that day and we took some time to watch.

What did we do for food ??? ....first off, if you're in Mexico, *don't drink the water*, unless you want to experience Montezuma's revenge. So lots of bottled/filtered water.

For breakfast, I brought a ton of Starbucks Via with me then bought creamer at the grocery store. We would have a piece of toast at home, sometimes oatmeal (instant) and fruit. I bought a *papaya* while we were there, too.

A couple of times, hubby and I ventured out to have coffee at local coffee shops. 
 This is  at Cafelix.
And here's Caffe Todos Santos
Such colorful interior!

We had a few favorite places for lunch...
We didn't go to this one but I thought it was interesting to see this "taco truck"
Our favorite was this little *hole in the wall* called Bahia Grill -- all fresh seafood!
Fish ceviche
Shrimp tacos
Fish Tacos

Another spot was Fonda El Zaguan
Fish Combo plate
Fish with peanut sauce
And for dinner, we frequented a place called La Esquina
They have a fabulous happy hour!!!
2 for 1 drinks --- Wahoo!!!

We also went to Costco [in Cabo, which is about an hour south of Todos Santos] a couple of times to stock up for DD before we left. We got a bunch of snacks, drinks, fruit etc. 
Also went to Walmart [in Cabo] to stock up.

Our days were pretty much spent lounging around most of the time. Not much to do in Todos Santos since it's been purposefully left under-developed, rustic and rugged by the government. 
The town is very small and you can explore the whole downtown area in half a day [maybe]. They have a popular Art Festival  and also their shores are where you can whale watch during the winter (gray and the humpback).
It's also a great destination for magazine photo shoots and destination weddings.
There's lots of Americans {and other foreigners} that have settled just outside of town with nice, big houses...some of which are turned into rental/vacation spots for a few months out of the year. 
Cost of living is very cheap (as you can imagine) and life seems to be at a much slower pace when you're there.

We can surely learn a thing or two about enjoying life and the scenery from our friends down South.

Have you ever vacationed in a small, sleepy town? Are you in one now??

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