Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's goin on?

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Sorry for my absence ... but there just hasn't been much happening around here except more of the same:

  • work
  • working out - training for HM
  • teach at gym
  • rest at home
  • - repeat - 
We did manage to see a movie last weekend.
Loved it --- highly recommend it!
And then I ventured to Old Navy to check out their athletic line. I left with these goodies. I got a colorful bubble tank top and heather grey capri pants. Can't beat the price and their 40% sale ends today.

Here's some recent eats:
 Beef stew
 Baked Cod with broiled zucchini
 Baked Mac n' Cheese 
 Potato Casserole
Turkey Chili

What have you been up to? 

American Idol starts tonight -- I love watching the auditions and then my interest wanes after that. 

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