Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Life Lately

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Hi there friends!

It's been almost 4 weeks since I  last blogged. After what happened in Boston, it seems so trivial and not-as-important in the grand scheme of things.

What mostly kept me away was my *carpal tunnel* acting up. Now that I'm back to working in the clinic, I use a laptop so much during the day, that I had to make some adjustments including laying off using my home computer for a while. It has definitely made a difference.

Speaking of work, I now have to be in the clinic daily but I at least control my own hours. I insisted on keeping "part-time" hours and I'm lucky enough to be able to do that. I continue to teach 4 classes at the gym in the afternoon and night as well as keep up my running 3 times a week... so overall, I stay busy enough that I've tried to prioritize what's important.

This past weekend, hubby and I went to Seattle for my niece's baptism. I'm glad we went because it just puts everything into perspective. That living life is more important than living in fear and how important it is for us to cherish our family and friends.

And here's my new obsession...

I may be 7 years late but at least I'll be caught up with all 7 seasons in about two more weeks. I just can't forget cooking, cleaning, laundry, work, gym .... Oh, and that there's a world other than being in front of the TV.

How's your life lately?

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