Monday, January 10, 2011

Lunch Date

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Happy Monday!

How's your day so far?

I had a good morning/afternoon today.   Lunch date with my good friends Marie and Iris.

We went Isabella's in downtown Spokaloo.

Food is always good at Isabella's and they give you generous portions. It's also priced right.
Iris': Wild Mushroom Rissotto
Marie's: Herbed Halibut with Rissotto
I had the Hot Half Sandwich (turkey with swiss) with the House Salad
This Friday, they're offering a coupon: $50 worth for only $25 (great deal)! Click here

My goal was to only spend $10 and I did!!! It's part of my NYR <------:)

Teaching Body STEP this afternoon then dinner with hubby. 
New routine launch is this weekend---so excited!

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  1. Good job on keeping to your budget! That risotto looks really yummy.



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