Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 Things for Wednesday

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1. First Zumba class out of the way ------> Booyah!
     Last night was my first Zumba class at the gym and it was so much fun. I thought nobody was gonna show's kindof a late class (7pm to 8pm) but I was surprised that 14 people made it to join me in class. I did the last half hour of the class and I have to say----I wasn't too shabby at all!
Now my knee hurts --- waaahh! It is not uncommon especially after adding Zumba to my regimen. Dancing requires a lot of side to side movements, pivoting and swiveling as well as torquing. So I took some ibuprofen after class, as well as some R-I-C-E. I'm glad I got the Nike dance shoes because they definitely help doing those moves. If you want to know how to stay injury free in a Zumba class, check out these TIPS.

2. Hubby had to get new tires for DD...NBD, right? But trying to arrange this when you're on the other side of the country makes it a little tougher...but it all worked out. 

DD has new tires and will be ready to go when she gets back after winter break.

3. Baby #20 for the Duggars???
REALLY?!? You don't have enough???

4. Did you hear that Mariah Carey is the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig? 


5. I hate Hope Solo's attitude in Dancing with the Stars
     She treats the criticisms from the judges too personally. Hey...reality're NOT a great dancer and it's stupid of you to think that you'll even be close to winning that mirror ball. So get over yourself! She and Maks both have poor attitudes and are sore losers!!!! There, I said it!
Now I know I'm not Cheryl Burke but at least I can acknowledge if I suck at something.

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