Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Storm watch

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There's a winter storm watch here in Pacific NW! We're supposed to get 8-12" of snow by this weekend. The West side (Seattle) is getting pounded and is reported to get a year's worth of snow just today.

Hello Winter!
It's not so bad yet but it is very gloomy, windy and cold this morning.
Good reason to stay in my warm bed with this little guy [doesn't he look like he's praying?]

Are you doing Eat In Month challenge like I am? It is Day 18 (I've had 17 days of eating in----except for sushi lunch the other day).

Here's more recent eats:
Last night's dinner was especially good for my cold/head congestion.

With a mug of Theraflu to help me through the night.
Breakfast this morning: Scrambled egg (1 whole/1 egg white) and buttered whole wheat English muffin

On a different note....

Jason Wu will have his line available at Target starting Feb. 5th and nothing is over $60. Some say it will be similar to the Missoni Mania that was a few months back.

Check out the LOOKBOOK.

Have a great Wednesday!

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