Monday, August 20, 2012

Pigging out

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Good afternoon friends!

Another bust day at work. I had to sub again this morning and some days, I feel like the workouts are killah! Today was one of them. Maybe 'coz I did a long run yesterday {8 miles} and I didn't really get a good night's sleep last night [on account of a little mutt that kept barking].

I'm teaching Core and Zumba tonight so I had to practice my routine, hence, the late blogging.

Rewind to the weekend. 
On Saturday, I made a butt-load of these to take to a pig roast that my friend from the gym invited us to. And since I've never gone to a pig roast here in the U.S....I was really excited to check it out.

I was assigned *dessert* so I made mini chocolate cupcakes (Betty Crocker cake mix) and topped it with peanut butter frosting {peanut butter, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar all mixed until smooth}.
They turned out to be very yummy --- sinfully rich and yummy!
 The pig roast was awesome! Poor pig was cut in half and they used a dry rub all over for flavor.
 It took about 9 hours total to fully cook. I was surprised that they didn't cook the head, too.
 My friend's husband actually made the roaster himself. I thought that was pretty neat.
And when the pig was ready, the men dug in and pulled the meat apart. It was good the way it was. I didn't even have to use any barbecue sauce or anything else. Very flavorful. They discarded the skin which is not what we used to do in the Philippines. Remember the "sisig" we had one Christmas?
It was fun for all the kids, too. They had a bouncy castle and water slide and the adults got to play bean bag toss out in the yard. The temp was around 96F so it was neat that they had "misters" under the shade as well.
 Here was my plate of pig roast, salad and a curry chicken salad in the back which was really good. I'm gonna have to recreate that one soon.
 Smalls was mad that he didn't get to go. 

But we did spend most of Sunday with always --- he's so spoiled!

What did you do over the weekend? Ever been to a pig roast? Do they cook in a roaster, underground or a rotisserie? Do you eat the skin, or do you think it's gross?

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