Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trip to the Vet

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Last week was Small's annual visit to the vet. He needed a couple of shots updated, too. So since hubby had the afternoon off, we went as a *family*☺.
As usual, once Smalls realized where we were, he got so anxious and nervous.
He stood close to the door and kept wanting to leave. It helps that both hubby and I were there to help calm him down [even just a little bit].
Then it was time to get up on the exam table.....but he wanted to get down.
It's okay little Smallsie ----
Quick exam from head to ---
---- you know where.
2 quick shots the it's all done!
Such a trooper!!!!

He got lots of treats afterwards.
His weight this year: 16.8 {He lost .7 lbs from last visit}

...my little athlete!

Here's some of my random photos from the Sandpoint race

12 days 'til the Spokane Marathon Relay!

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