Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recent Eats and Purchases

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I practically live in my pajamas gym clothes and I love how athletic wear have become so versatile. You can wear them not only at the gym but to run errands and everyday wear even.

Recently, I told you that I've subscribed to which has now become The demand has been so overwhelming that the company decided to start making their own athletic wear. I'm anxiously waiting for my first delivery of their NEW line. Check them out HERE.

In my efforts to do my part in helping the economy, here's some other recent purchases.
Moving Comfort was having a sale, so I scored some new sports bras
January shipment from The top was from Nux and the bottom was Ellie. 
ActiveGearUp had a sale on Aspaeris women's compression shorts

According to their website:

In other's some recent eats.

Stir Fry w/ Tofu

Nachos using Ground Turkey

Any recent purchases for you?
I'm thankful that my "job" at the gym helps me with my addiction.

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