Saturday, July 9, 2011

Revive Your Resolutions

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The first half of the 2011 has come and gone.

Did you make any resolutions for the New Year? Maybe it's time to revisit that now.

Mine were ...let's just say.....  *goals* more than resolutions.

1. Curb my sweet tooth  by baking ONLY once a week.

          -  I think I've done so-so on this one. I HAVE cut back on my baking of goodies but I still crave for something sweet and decadent especially after dinner. I try not to indulge my cravings too often but this continues to be a struggle for me. I try to keep it in moderation but I definitely need to look for an alternative to putting chocolate or kettlecorn in my mouth!

2. Learn how to take better photographs by reading the manual (duh!).

          - I've sorta read the manual. Who wants to read a bunch of mumbo-jumbo techie kinds of stuff. Boooring! So this is a work in progress. I think I've  improved - at  least I know how  to use the self-timer now. I get a lot of tips from bloggers out there, too.

3. Watch less TV by picking up a book and reading more.

          - Major fail on this one. Reading is overrated! Unless the books have pictures to entertain me....

4. Spend less by only buying the "needs" NOT the "wants". Keep a log of expenses.

          - I've been more conscious of what I spend and I use my phone (calendar) to track all of my expenses. The only time I *miss* logging my expenses is when hubby offers to pay for something....Hey, I'm not gonna stop you PB!

5. Eat right by keeping a "rainbow diet"...more color meaning fruits and veggies.

          - Always another work in progress. I noticed I have been consuming more smoothies, though...and healthy ones at I guess I just need to be more consistent.

6. Challenge myself physically by signing up for 2nd half-marathon and trying new workouts.

          - I've done the best in fulfilling this goal. I did P90x during the first 3 months of 2011. I've done another half-marathon and getting ready to do my #3 in 1 week. I have 1 more HM to do in September. And I have plans to try Tracy Anderson's workout.

So how are you doing with your goals/resolutions this year? Have you totally abandoned them or is this just like the rest of the other years?

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