Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of 2012 Goals

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 Hi friends ☃! It's going to be a cold week here in the PNW. As low as 10 degrees overnight on New Year's! Ugh!

What's good on cold days?
 Yes, soup of course! We've been having *turkey* for days on end since Christmas. It's almost all gone, but this one recipe is definitely a keeper. 

I also made Crab Ceviche one day.
Not as good as when we were HERE...but close.

With all the holiday goodies and end of the year guilt... it's time to revisit those 2012 goals of mine and see how I did.

Fitness/Health:  B+
  • Continue to work on eating healthier and reducing *junk food* consumption. 
  • Sign up and do at least 1 race per season (5K, 10K or even a HM)
  • Stress less and spend some time meditating and relaxing (i.e. massage at least every other month -- odd months)
  • Drink more water
Did I fall off the wagon as far as eating healthy -- of course I did but I think I was more mindful of it this year than most. As far as races go, I did a 5K, 12K, 2 HM's and a Relay so definitely surpassed my goals of 500 miles this year. I give myself an A- for managing stress and drinking more water.

Workout (Professional): A-
  • Get back into teaching Body Attack (HIIT) and incorporate some running back into my regimen.
  • Incorporate yoga back into workouts.
I'm back teaching Body Attack and got certified in RIPPED this year. I failed as far as getting yoga into my workouts --- no excuse :(
Also in 2012, I went back to work as a part-time RN which I'm liking (still). Not as stressful as my previous position and I only have to go in 3 days a week. It's a great feeling to be earning $$$ again but also the satisfaction of work, being busy and helping others.

Finances: B
  • Get an app to keep track of personal expenses
Getting an app was easy. I kept up with keeping track of my expenses until around September when it got quite difficult with planning a birthday party, trips and holidays. Somehow, I just lost track. Also great to have a "steady income" again (see above).

Organization: B
  • Re-organize and redecorate home one room at a time. 
I still have a ways to go but check out my House Proud page to see what I've accomplished this year.

So here goes:

  • Try to clean up my diet.
Nothing new here but I'm going to try a *cleanse* this time around.
  • Run more than I did in 2012.
My goal is to surpass 530 miles for 2013.
  • Try TRX.
Something new to add to my workout regimen.
  • Stress even less. 
Continue with every other month massages
  • Continue home improvements.
'nough said.

What about you??? Any goals for the New Year???

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