Monday, February 4, 2013

My Superbowl

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We survived Superbowl Sunday and a semi-"food"-coma. It's a good thing I taught RIPPED the day before [except I'm really feeling the Abs portion the day after]. I subbed for that class and since I don't teach it often enough, I can definitely feel the burn and muscles that don't "normally" get a workout afterwards. Then I did the new Body PUMP in the morning.

What was on the menu, you ask?
I made these Garlic Knots as appetizers. They sounded good and smelled even better. Then I realized, I'm just eating "pizza dough" so after tasting carb-heaven, half of it went to the trash. Damn you Rachael Ray!
Then for the main event, I made Barbacoa in the crockpot.
 Turned it into "Chipotle-style" salad without rice and some black beans.
.... and a Brownie (from a Weight Watcher's recipe) to end the meal.

Workout for the week:

Monday - Run 4 mi + teach Zumba
Tuesday - Body PUMP
Wednesday - Run 3 m + teach Zumba + teach Body Attack
Thursday - Teach Zumba
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Run 9 mi
Sunday - Body PUMP

And just in case you decided to go out shopping {or something } instead of watching the Superbowl, here's what you missed during Halftime.

Oh, I'm gonna try and do my *faux* Beyonce moves tonight at Zumba ☺!

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